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FM Group started in 2004 with the afm group join now for freeim of providing fine fragrances for men and women at much more reasonable prices than you would ordinarily find on the market.

Today, there are over a staggering 750,000 FM Group Business Partners supplying loyal customers in over 40 different countries with high strength, long lasting and hopelessly divine FM Federico Mahora perfumes. There are over 140 fragrances on offer for not only women, but also for men and children alike.

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The immense range of various products from FM Group has also greatly expanded to include B-Glucan Active & Gold Regenesis skin care, kind mineral cosmetics, superb Spa Senses, FM For Home and most recently delightfully delicious Aurile coffees and teas. Everything you could possibly ever need to have that all important ‘spa day’. Whether you prefer sensual fragrances, aromatic teas or top quality makeup and cosmetics, we have everything right here waiting for group spa senses

All of the products sold have been tried and tested by thousands of everyday people, like yourself, to make sure that you’re getting only the very best products for you. You can also rest assure that none of the products (apart from our Pet Care of course) sold have been tested on animals in any way shape or form. Becoming a member of the FM Group and starting up your very own perfume and cosmetics business couldn’t be easier, who can argue with more than 750,000 business partners around the world?

You get the opportunity to register for FREE as a Preferred Customer and pay even lower prices (around 30% saving). Use the products yourself, give them as presents to family and friends or why not sell them to other people at catalogue prices and keep the difference for yourself? You can even take us up on our latest offer where, within your first 10 days with FM Group,  you can get 3 luxury fragrances and 3 classic perfumes at less than half the regular catalogue price (find out more here).fm perfume offers

To find out more about how FM Group works does just visit our about page. However, if you’d like to find out more information about what we have to offer you (including our current offer to new FM Group customers), simply contact us by using our online contact form or call us directly on 01206 570 930.

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